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Keratin Treatment in

Best Keratin Treatment Services in Coimbatore

Looking for the best Keratin hair treatment  in Coimbatore? You are in a time and place. We at G3 Luxury Salon offer you the best hair keratin services available in Coimbatore.

Indulge in luxurious hair transformation at our salon with our signature Keratin hair treatment. Our expert stylists deliver unparalleled results, leaving your locks smoother, shinier, and more manageable than ever before.

Whether you're battling frizz, dryness, or unruly curls, our customized treatment addresses your unique needs, restoring strength and vitality to your locks. Elevate your hair care routine and indulge in the ultimate salon experience with our unparalleled Keratin treatment. Discover the difference at  G3 Luxury Salon today."
We are the top beauty salon in Coimbatore that offers Keratin Treatment at an affordable price.
Visit our Beauty Parlor for any hair care needs or book your Appointment Today. 

Long Hair

Keratin Hair Treatment Services – The Process

Hair Wash

First Hair wash from purifying shampoo for 5 minutes than rinse out the shampoo and apply Reviver Hair Shampoo for another 5 minutes so total process time is 20 minutes

Keratin Application

Once hair become 100% dry than start applying keratin section wise, product to be used very carefully and in adequate quantity to every section one by one

cling wrap Hair

After the application is completed make cling wrap to the hair to reduce the process time, the heat loss from the product will not evaporate and product will penetrate well in Hair

Ironing the Hair

flat Ironing of the hair done, Ironing rod should be good quality and must have ceramic plate to have good results, section by section iron the hair, section should be small and repetition will be 8 to 10 time per section.

Why You Should Choose Hair Keratin Treatment?

  1. Makes dry and damage hair silky, shine and smooth.

  2. Gives you attractive look , keratin act like a protein that makes the hair healthy.

  3. Gives you color protection against chemical treatment.

  4. Best Treatment for Brittle and Porous hair.

  5. Keratin is like a lamination coating on the hair and increase the life of the hair.

  • Is keratin safe?
    As it’s a chemical treatment, it’s not 100% safe. In Brazilian blowout, a formaldehyde-releasing solution is applied on the hair. While this chemical makes hair frizz free, large doses are harmful. Smoothing treatments, however, do not use formaldehyde, making them a safer option.
  • Who should get keratin treatment done?
    Keratin is most suited for people who have very dry, frizzy, curly and unruly hair. The treatment can also be availed by those who find their hair very thick or very voluminous.
  • What are the side effects of keratin treatment for hair?
    Keratin hair treatment side effects are as follows 1. Reduces hair volume 2. Makes hair greasy 3. Might lead to color fading in the case of colored hair 4. Might not give straight hair in the case of heavily curled hair and a flat iron might be needed later on for styling
  • What is keratin?
    Keratin is a protein that is naturally occurring in our hair. It constitutes 91% of our hair. Over time, due to the impact of hair styling, chemical products and age, the amount of keratin decreases. As a result, our hair become dry, coarse and lose out on the natural shine and gloss. To remedy this, keratin hair treatments have become a go-to. The treatment adds a layer of protein (keratin) to your hair, thus strengthening them and making them manageable.
  • What are the benefits of keratin for hair?
    This is your FAQ answer. Make sure your writing Advantages of keratin-treated hair: 1. Makes hair silky smooth and manageable 2. Is temporary, so there’s no lasting damage is clear and concise, and helps visitors get the support they need in the most efficient manner.
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